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Outlanders DKP

Welcome Back Outlanders!

For over five years, Outlanders has fought to save Azeroth from destruction.   But with the cataclysmic return of Deathwing we will need fierce fighters and strong spells to foil his plans.  Will you stand by us? An Outlander is a player who prizes precision and diligence in combat, and values fun, camaraderie, and respect at all times. So, whether you've been an Outlander from the start, or you're returning after time away, we want you to join in the fight!

As a guild we seek to attain progression through endgame raid content but still realize that people have lives outside of the game. With this in mind Outlanders maintains a helpful, friendly atmosphere while still being able to conduct raid nights with a professional attitude.  

While we have a core of helpful, knowledgeable, and talented raiders, if you don't raid that doesn't mean you can't find a home with us.  Here in Outlanders we are comprised of players that enjoy all aspects of the game, from Heroics and leveling characters, to Battlegrounds and Arena teams-- All are welcome to apply!

If you are looking for a guild to call home, Outlanders just might might be right for you!

Interested in joining? Start Here!

Other Guild News

Magmaw (yes, a real picture)

Regyr, Jan 10, 11 12:02 AM.

Outlanders Slays Magmaw

azimuthal, Jan 9, 11 11:45 PM.

Yogg Saron- One Light in the Darkness

azimuthal, Nov 23, 10 10:38 AM.
Outlanders successfully takes down Yogg Saron with One Light in the Darkness!  Congratulations, and enjoy your rusted proto drakes!

Heroic Twighlight Duo!

azimuthal, Mar 11, 09 1:45 AM.

Malygos Down!

azimuthal, Feb 25, 09 1:08 AM.

Naxxramas Cleared!

azimuthal, Feb 1, 09 1:40 PM.

Loatheb Downed

azimuthal, Jan 3, 09 3:45 PM.

Outlanders Clears to Gothik!

azimuthal, Jan 1, 09 9:39 PM.

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